My research program is dedicated to examining the interactions between microbial communities and their surrounding environments to improve our understanding of the molecular mechanisms that microbes use to adapt and respond to changes in the environment.

This website presents current research and educational activities associated with understanding the co-evolution of life and its environment with the goal of making this knowledge accessible to all.

This Hawaiian Bobtail squid was the first cephalopod in space in May 2011
Geochemical profiling of Bahamian stromatolites
Jamie goes for a ride with Zero-G
Coral Reef at Highborne Cay, The Bahamas (photo by Jonathan Franks)
Jamie and the great Phil Playford at Hamelin Pool, Western Australia
Pieter, Dyanna, and Nate generating profiles at Highborne Cay, The Bahamas
Jen successfully defends her PhD and becomes Dr. Mobberley
Jamie and Jen at Jen's PhD defense
Lexi and Dyanna practice their snorkeling skills on Highborne Cay, The Bahamas
Amazing stromatolites of Hamelin Pool, Shark Bay
Jamie with students participating in the 2012 Cyanobacteria: Molecular Networks to Biofuels workshop on Lonavala, India
Kyle Grant being award best poster at the 2013 UF Undergraduate Symposium
Squid in space groupies getting ready for the launch
Dyanna, Lexi and Jamie getting ready for thrombolite hunting (Oct 2013)
Pam and Ergin working in Hamelin Pool, Western Australia
Lexi giving the thumbs up on Kimberleys dissecting skill
Rachelle calculating the molarity of a solution
Lexi and Mary getting the HARVS ready
2014 Florida Space Grant Consortium and Space Florida Interns (L to R): Rachelle Bonjawo, Mary Bishop, and Kimberley Cranmore
Joany preparing samples for DNA extraction
Lab infant of Atlantis
UF Intern Yinzhao Wang enjoying himself
Research Station in Little Darby, Bahamas
Students working in Hamelin Pool
2015 Powwow at the Kennedy Space Center
Jamie and Irina at the 2016 Powwow in Honolulu
Giorgio and Joany talking about DNA assembly in the pool

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Effects of Microgravity on Animal-Microbe Symbioses

Elucidating the modern microbialite microbiome

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