2010 Summer Science and Stromatolite Camp

Little Darby, Bahamas April 2, 2010

Objective of the Science & Stromatolite Camp:

The overall goal of this summer science camp was to work with local Bahamian educators to promote scientific literacy and awareness in the Exuma Cays, Bahamas. We wanted to expose students to the fundamentals of the scientific method and have them start to design and complete their own experiments.

We also wanted the students to increase their awareness of environmental sustainability. The Bahamian economy replies heavily on tourism requiring the country to balance land development with environmental protection. The educators from YMBS helped translate many of the global environmental issues into a Bahamian context that students could relate to. Little Darby Island, Bahamas

Organizers of the Science & Stromatolite Camp

This camp was established through a collaborative effort between the University of Florida, Young Bahamian Marine Scientists, University of Miami, and the Danguillecourt Project (http://tropicbirds.org).

Specifically the efforts of:

Jamie Foster
University of Florida

Pam Reid
University of Miami Danguillecourt Project

Alina Chester
University of Florida

Nikita Shiel-Rolle
Young Bahamian Marine Scientists

Ashleigh Braynen
Plymouth State University-YBMS intern

Special Thanks:
The organizers would also like to give a special thanks to the Darby Island Caretaker Wendell McKenzie and YBMS volunteer George Allen for their assistance during the camp. We would also like to thank Farmer’s Cay government representative Aiden Burrows for his support of our camp

L-R: George Allen, Wendell McKenzie, Aiden Burrows


Activities & Presentations

Camp Activity Overview
Here is an overview of the activities we planned for the science camp. We tried to balance traditional lectures with creative, engaging activities that reinforced the scientific concepts.
(PDF) right click to download

Example Worksheet Activity
1. Identify the mystery canister using the scientific method:
(PDF) right click to download

 2. Let’s Fly: Building a film canister rocket:
(PDF) right click to download

Student Presentations & Community Outreach
On the final day of the camp we invited parents and members of the local community to hear students presentation. Students were asked make a presentation about something they learned about in camp. Here are examples of some of the student presentations.

Darby News Flash – DNA and the Genetic Code
Written by Jamal Williamson and Theodore Bastian Students learned about DNA and how it can be used to identify organisms.
Play Audio File 


Invasive Species: the lionfish – “Territory Strikes”
Written by Simeon Bain and performed by Simeon Bain, Jamal Williamson, Juwan Rolle, and Vardo McKenzie.
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Camp Scrapbook Video

“Bahamian Music” by Chris “Dry Bread” Ferguson

Camp Sponsorship

We would like to thank the YBMS program for providing the logistics and financial support for the student transportation and food for the camp. We would also like to thank NASA and the Summer of Innovation program for providing some of the educational materials that were used in the camp curriculum. The Galileoscope used in the Community Stargazing evening were donated by Jaydeep Mukhergee and the GE Foundation. Lastly, we would to thank the Little Darby Research Station director Pam Reid for donating the use of the lab for the camp activities.