These podcasts are examples of distance learning lectures taken from the  UF Astrobiology Course. The podcasts include synchronized audio and slides saved in an MP4 format.
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Jamie Foster Ph.D. | email:

Subject: Snowball Earth – Climate and Cambrian Explosion.

To enhance and diversify the Astrobiology class, guest lecturers are invited to discuss their research and key topics in the multidisciplinary field of astrobiology.
Andrew Schuerger Ph.D. | email:
Assistant Research Faculty at the University of Florida Space Life Science Lab
Subject: Microbial Ecology, Survival, and Growth of Terrestrial Bacteria on Spacecraft Surfaces during Robotic Missions to Mars
Wayne Nicholson Ph.D. | email:
Professor at the University of Florida Space Life
Sciences lab
Subject: Lithopanspermia: transfer of microbes between worlds.

Students were assigned an oral presentation on an astrobiology topic of their choosing. As an extra credit assignment some students chose to make podcasts of their presentations using the Garageband podcasting software for Mac. These podcasts reflect their creativity in editing and producing a science podcast.

Jose Ceballos

Subject: Biosphere 2

Tika Bhardwaj and Dhruv Bellapu

Subject: The Nemesis Star Hypothesis

Michael Garrote

Subject: Messanger: Mission to Mercury

Nick Locastro

Subject: Methane Lakes on Titan

Anthony El-Khouri

Subject: Voyager Missions Past and Present

Sarah Falk

Subject: Hydrothermal Vent Communities

Darin Griner

Subject: Mass Extinction Events

Krystal Kerney

Subject: Stardust Mission

Ryan Hidalgo

Subject: The Permian-Triasic Extinction Event

Fatima Ramirez

Subject: Searching for Super Earths

Justin Chang

Subject: Kuiper Belt and Dwarf Planets

Christina D’Amico

Subject: Effects of UV Radiation on Humans

Lance Legel

Subject: James Webb Space Telescope

Brian Blumenauer

Subject: The habitability of Europa

Darshika Goswami

Subject: The Kepler Mission

Chris Huguet

Subject: Deep Impact Mission: looking inside a comet

Austin Trupp

Subject: Speciation genes: triggering the evolution of life

Student 2008 Class Fieldtrip
Students enrolled in Astrobiology were invited to visit the Space Life Sciences Lab located at the Kennedy Space Center, FL. Here the students were able to interact and talk with researchers active in the field of Astrobiology.
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Ben Krasne

Subject: Human Colonization of Moon
Christina Usher

Subject: Dark Matter of the Universe
Dalissia Burke

Subject: Stardust Mission: A comet revealed
Josh Banner

Subject: Extremophiles of the Deep: Hydrothermal Vents
Samantha Carroll

Subject: Geological Features of Mars
Bill Horneman

Subject: Galileo Mission to Jupiter and the Icy moons

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